Lisa’s flower sack and cotton towels are legendary; she has made them for twenty years. The charming images Lisa captures, become artwork on fabric. Some clients even frame the towels! Large, durable and elegant, these towels are a must have in your kitchen, and they make superb gifts… the best thing is they are super absorbent and they last and last!  Lisa also has aprons that are made of canvas, with adjustable necks and two pockets… so long lasting, it will become and heirloom. Your Island pillow is the perfect gift… a collage of the iconic Martha’s Vineyard locations, some that are no longer here… Contact Lisa directly for purchasing.

Towels L.A.Brown

Natural Flower Sack

$18.00 each

3 for $50

5 for $75

24x26 inches

MY MV PILLOW #2 final


Your Island Pillow



email for orders…

LABPHOTO Island Pillow-1.jpg

Special Martha’s Vineyard pillow collage